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The Remains of a Human

Ceneri's second edition of his first book.

Ceneri's first poetry collection, edited and improved, with a new format and simple art sketches drawn by the author himself. This collection is adapted to a new and different format to give it a positive turn from a different perspective. The first part includes melancholic experiences, aching sorrows, disdains, insecurities, painful partings and verses of pain. The second part transmutes to the lessons and reflections, followed by love letters (love stories) and lastly, verses of love.

This English version includes all Spanish poems that originally were not translated.

Los Restos de un Humano

Ceneri's second poetry collection.

This book is a collection of poetry along with graphic art to provide a vivid picture of these meaningful words. An amazing book of storytelling poetry, which shares the story of the author’s life experience throughout time in seven phases:

i am simply content with my life's journey

and this book tells the story of these last years

living in the darkness that I carry in me

expressing my lust and the desires i lived

lost in the damnation of the ignorant

but i rise up and found in my utter poetry

a reason to chase my happiness above all

and i woke up one day

to find my heart beating in love again


- Adric Ceneri

caminando hacia la felicidad HD2.jpg
walking toward happiness HD front.jpg
Caminando hacia la felicidad
Walking Towards Happiness
IT HURTS book cover 14 centered 2.18.202

Ceneri's first Anthologies by Magesoul Publishing.

Ceneri has participated in HEALING and SURVIVAL anthologies, writing a chapter for each of this books and along so many other talented writers. He has also designed the book covers for all three anthologies; HEALING coming soon!

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about me

Adric Ceneri is an artist, poet, writer and author. He was born in Mexico and lived there during his childhood. He was raised in the coasts of the Pacific Ocean with his parents up to the age of five, and when his parents separated, he had to endure and survive the consequences of his parents’ poor lives choices. The majority of his poetry reflects the pains and sufferings he had to endure. He writes about his sexuality and the events that marked him throughout childhood, and the difficulties he faced when he was growing up. Ceneri often writes with a rebellious heart through his poetry, expressing his emotions and always remaining true to who he is as an artist.

As a poet and writer, he transmits his feelings and embodies his transgressions in magical word-plays truly transforming pain into art.

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