My Poetry:

Los Restos de un Humano

Out here, everything is confusion.
 In occasions, it is hard to figure out…
 the truth and secrets are hidden under deep lies.
 Black and white… colors in life’s lefts.
 As afraid of losing everything you are,
 as if bad things never happen – when it’s going to stop?
 An example; antonyms…
 the opposite side of things.
 The roads and coincidences
 for people are sensational,
 so what do I care if that’s right.
 Humans base their lives upon lies.
 Everything to be the perfect story,
 trash words that confuse their minds.
 Fake stories created by humans,
 allusions that are never wise,
 as tomorrow, everything could fall.
 I control my life.
 I do not let anyone come to me to tell me crap.
 I like no one controlling my mind.
 I love freedom and I love my heart.
 I think everybody should be who they are.
 There is no reason to pretend.
 No reason to be who you’re not.
 Just because it’s the best way to show who we are.
 Let life go as if everything was right.
 These are just mind puzzles,
 Lost, manipulated thoughts in our minds,
 it’s done… goodbye. 

2009. Adric Ceneri. All right reserved. 
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