My Poetry:

Los Restos de un Humano

I used to feel, but now I don’t!
 I used to cry, but now I won’t!
 I used to be, but now I’m not!
 I used to see, but now I’m blind!
 I used to need, but now I don’t!
 I used to laugh, but now I won’t!
 I used to read, but I sold my eyes!
 I used to analyze, but I lost my mind!
 All this is related. All this is black.
 Bad advice and thoughts.
 I have no need of this in my life.
 I want to get rid of this,
 no matter whom, no matter what.
 I just don’t want to be who I am now.
 The remains of myself are nothing,
 but pain and sadness.
 Life, it’s confusing and it confuses my madness.
 It confuses my soul and my emptiness.
 There’s not much left to say,
 but to say I’m not. I’m lost in my world.
 I want to say; the war did not defeat me!
 But I want no more lies.
 No more crying. No more sorrows. I want to laugh.
 I want happiness; I want to feel alive.
 I want to travel, to fly around.
 Go to Italy, Spain or France,
 maybe Argentina or México.
 México, I miss you; how can I not?
 I miss your beaches, ports and rivers.
 I miss that kid; I miss myself,
 I have to go and this is the end.  

2009. Adric Ceneri. All right reserved. 
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