My Poetry:

Los Restos de un Humano

It’s beautiful to travel around the world,
 although having someone would be better than being alone.
 Doesn’t matter if the Lord’s Angels will always be with me 
 to protect me, to take care of me.
 From the deepest of my heart, I wish to have someone with me.
 I wish for someone who could show me love.
 I wish to have someone to walk with, to where I go,
 just a person, just a boy.
 The shadows of the dark night covered my path,
 and with it, painful memories come back.
 I’m driving without sense, without track.
 It’s beautiful to travel around the world,
 although knowing I love someone makes me feel less lost.
 Doesn’t matter if death’s hill will always be after me,
 because God will always defend me.
 I do not wish more than having you in my life.
 I want nothing but to have you with me in this world.
 I want to have you for at least a few minutes,
 I want you and I want to be loved.
 The sunrise comes out and shows me my future,
 and with it, the best love in the universe.
 I’m driving and you’re with me going to infinity. 

2009. Adric Ceneri. All right reserved. 


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