My Poetry:

Los Restos de un Humano

I don’t know who you are, but I feel like I already love you!
 My heart waits for you next to the stars, so its owner will be you.
 I want you and for you… I’m waiting impatiently and hopeless.
 You are my illusion when I dream;
 hopefully, with me you can be sincere.
 Fortunately, you can love me,
 with no intention of losing me,
 because at the end, I don’t want just a good bye,
 I want to see you later and your memories in my mind.
 I want to have true love for a long time,
 love that can last in our lives.
 I want someone who can cry,
 dream, have fun, and laugh.
 I want a person who can achieve his goals.
 One person who can receive love;
 a human who can share his world.
 I want someone, with whom I can walk next to
 at the edge of the beach under the moonlight.
 Look at the stars and talk about us,
 to feel that someone loves me and to keep it in my heart,
 or put it into a crystal bottle for a long time. 

2009. Adric Ceneri. All right reserved. 
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