– without doubt

a poem from

walking towards happiness

 without doubt i felt in love
 do not know how but i was reborn
 perhaps it was our dinner 
 or our walk that night
 but without doubt 
 my heart beats faster all the time
 our first night 
 walking in the boulevard
 i remember your eyes 
 looking at me in the bar
 you totally rescued me 
 from my endless loneliness
 and effortlessly found 
 what i had buried in the past   

 i know that it is too soon 
 for any future speculations
 but all i want is to be 
 with you anywhere you are at
 you have been 
 the best gift of my twenty six
 the first red rose 
 that had bound me to your path
 without doubt i love you 
 i know
 do not say a thing 
 just love me and let me give you my love
 it was that first full weekend together 
 the movie and your eyes
 without doubt your kisses woke me 
 and gave me life  
 your embraces and mines 
 in pairs dancing a waltz
 adapted in the bed 
 rolling around to the rhythm of our song
 i had no expectations to find you 
 but now you are all i want
 with you i go wherever 
 far away to infinity and beyond 
 i fear absolutely nothing 
 if you are with me
 i do not care if it is too soon 
 all i want is to have you with me
 my smile grows bigger 
 every time i think of you
 there is nothing in this world 
 that i want after having you 

 in my twenty six 
 i must confess 
 that you made me happy
 and i say it because i feel it 
 not only because is what you want to hear
 i want to write you a thousand poems 
 and read them to you every night
 i want to love you without limits 
 i only want to be the protector of your life  

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